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Roberto Di Cosmo roberto at dicosmo.org
Tue Jan 19 12:22:09 GMT 2016

 I clearly stated I was going to feed the troll, so this gives a hint to
the fact that the text was intended to be read with some humour: if you
prefer to read it as inflammatory, so be it, but it was not my intention,
and if you feel offended, I do apologize.

Being fond of exegesis, though, I'd like to attract your attention to the
fact that my message was criticising an "attitude" (self asserting,
overgeneralising value judgements), while your message is criticising a
"person" (me).

But I am too old to feel offended.



2016-01-19 9:47 GMT+01:00 Daniel Bünzli <daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch>:

> Le mardi, 19 janvier 2016 à 08:56, Roberto Di Cosmo a écrit :
> > So, well, first of all, let me totally and deeply disagree on the
> cursorily repeated assertions in this thread that imply that GPL is BAD and
> BSD is GOOD. This kind of generic self asserting statements are ok among
> kids, not grown up persons able to master a sophisticated language like
> OCaml.
> If you had actually taken time to read me rather than make pointless
> inflammatory comments, you would have realized that I never implied this at
> any point in the discussion.
> So to help your inability to read here's a summary of what I said:
> 1. Having the LGPL and the proposed unfair CLA is inacceptable. It is
> harmful to the growth of the project and hence given the status of the
> project in the OCaml community to the latter itself.
> 2. If OCamlPro wants to have more leeway to do whatever it wishes with
> opam and its contributions they should rather license it under a more
> liberal license and avoid the CLA.
> 3. I'm perfectly fine if opam stays with the LGPL. I'm not however fine
> with the added CLA.
> So now do actually try to act like a grown up person and comment on the
> actual problem which is the unfair CLA, not the LGPL vs BSD problem.
> Best,
> Daniel

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