[opam-devel] pinned package not installing dependencies

Tim Cuthbertson tim at gfxmonk.net
Wed Jan 20 21:34:28 GMT 2016

I've used opam a bunch, but this is the first time I've tried creating
my own package. It seems like I must be doing something dumb, but in
order to test my package I'm setting up a new opam repository (opam
init; opam switch create; then in that switch opam pin

Opam then tries to install `gup` (my package), but doesn't get very
far because it doesn't install any of my dependencies! My opam file
looks like:

    opam-version: "1"
    name: "gup"
    version: "0.5.1"
    maintainer: "tim at gfxmonk.net"
    depends: [
     "lwt" { ">=2.5.1" }
     "ocamlfind" {build}
    build: [
     ["make" "-C" "ocaml" "native"]

A log of the failed build is at:

As you can see, it doesn't try to install any of my dependencies. I am
using the builtin solver instead of aspcud, but I'm assuming the
default solver isn't _that_ bad ;).

I also checked that the contents of `gup.opam` inside the opam
repository (in packages.dev/gup) looks right, so it shouldn't be due
to an out of date opam file.

Any help?

 - Tim.

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