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Yotam Barnoy yotambarnoy at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 14:50:47 GMT 2016

This is great!

If a port has a blank box for a specific compiler version, is that because
the constraints don't match?


On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 8:43 AM, Fabrice Le Fessant <
Fabrice.Le_fessant at inria.fr> wrote:

> Hi,
>    In the last weeks, I have been working on a bot that monitors the
> opam-repository and displays issues when linting and building the packages.
>   Currently, the bot runs on a 4-core server with Debian 8, and prints
> results for 3.12.1, 4.00.1, 4.01.0, 4.02.3 and 4.03.0+beta1:
> http://opam.ocamlpro.com/builder/html/report-last.html
>   It tries to keep up with the opam-repository, in a best effort way.
> Compiling the full repository on one OCaml version can take one or two
> days, but next compilations are incremental (only impacted packages are
> recompiled, and binary archives are used to re-use previous compilations),
> so a report for every commit should be available after only a few
> minutes/hours, depending on the number of packages that need to be
> recompiled.
>   The sources are available here, if you want to start it on a different
> hardware/OS:
> https://github.com/OCamlPro/opam-builder
> Feedback and PRs are welcome !
> --Fabrice
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