[opam-devel] re. local roots/switches: Documentation for the "nix-style" new-build approach in Cabal

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Fri Sep 2 19:48:49 BST 2016

On Friday 2 September 2016 at 14:17, Gabriel Scherer wrote:
> To my knowledge there is no such established multi-package concept in
> related OCaml tooling these days, and there are cases where we don't
> do very well on this workflow. 

Having a switch shared by the packages you are developing each one of these being git-pinned in it fits the bill for me.

The only remaining problem is that our build systems are too stupid to track dependencies up to the installed package (in fact, libraries) they use in the builds. This means local repo dev builds don't know they need to recompile when one of the git-pinned (or any other) package reinstalled.



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