[opam-devel] OCaml (4.09) test failure

Ev Drikos drikosev at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 08:56:16 GMT 2019


 The OCaml tests have one failure on macOS 10.13 and I don't if this
 is a known issue or possibly something is wrong in my installation.
 So, I'm not sure if this problem should be reported and how, ie at:

 The failed test is this:
   with [testing 'test.ml' with]

 2473 passed,
     33 skipped,
       1 failed,
     94 not started,
       0 unexpected errors,
 2601 considered.

 Is the above a known or unknown issue, or possibly some problem in my

 Thanks in advance,
 Ev. Drikos

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