[ocaml-platform] "opam config env" and emacs

Wojciech Meyer wojciech.meyer at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 19:53:12 BST 2013

Leo White <lpw25 at cam.ac.uk> writes:

>> So the usual way of doing that is to use Emacs package manager (ELPA),
>> and package the lisp part of the packages separately.
> Note that ELPA was only added to Emacs in version 24. Debian testing
> is still on
> Emacs 23, so it would be good to have a solution that worked without ELPA.

you are right, and I have to say I haven't been using Emacs 23.1 for a
long time. The package management in Emacs before 24 was a bit of mess
and actually when they provided ELPA I started to enjoy Emacs
again. That's said the package.el is available also separately so that
means there is a workaround (but you probably know it). Nevertheless
some people prefer to use older emacsen and myself I don't think I'd
like to be forced at any rate to use bleeding edge Emacs.

Other solution that would work, is to just install the package in
~/.emacs.d not somewhere in ~/.opam. Then there are Windows specific
considerations. Then all you need is (require 'utop).


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