[ocaml-platform] [Coq-Club] Coq opam package

Wojciech Meyer wojciech.meyer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 22:17:15 BST 2013

Thomas Refis <thomas.refis at gmail.com> writes:

> Another possibility is to not update a package right away when a knew
> optional dependency is available, but wait for the next "opam
> upgrade". And adding a "--ignore <package>" option to the upgrade
> command would be nice as well.

I agree it would be a useful feature, and might cause errors which we
really try to avoid. As a side note, I had occasions to recompile some
packages when it was *not* really required. Coq compiles quite long, and
I care about compilation time too so reducing that time would be really
good when upgrading dependent packages.


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