[ocaml-platform] [Coq-Club] Coq opam package

François Bobot francois.bobot at cea.fr
Wed Apr 17 10:43:40 BST 2013

On 11/04/2013 00:12, Wojciech Meyer wrote:
 > Anil Madhavapeddy<anil at recoil.org>  writes:
 > I think the biggest chalenge here would be to make people to use this
 > techniques (splitting bigger packages) when it's not always clear how
 > it
 > should be done. I already started to think that Coq IDE deserves a
 > separate OPAM package, and my worry is that it's bit unclear how to do
 > this. So maybe theorems, could be also decoupled and put under
 > different
 > name. Otherwise I agree, it would better.

I extracted coqide into its own package.


I tried to reduce the compilation time of the coqide package by patching 
the Makefile. The coq package compile in 15min on my computer. 'make 
coqide' compile in 2 min, I reduced it to 30s by removing many of the 
ocamldep/coqdep/.ml4 uselessly done.

branch coqide of git at github.com:bobot/opam-repository.git

If someone wants to make a try.


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