[ocaml-platform] OPAM Install of ctypes-foreign fails silently

Jeremy Yallop yallop at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 15:20:56 GMT 2015

On 4 December 2015 at 15:13, Robert Pickering
<robertfpickering at fastmail.com> wrote:
> I'm try to install the package ctypes-foreign using OPAM. It looks like
> it works, but actually nothing gets installed.

That's the intended behaviour, since ctypes-foreign is just a virtual
package that determines whether the foreign subpackage should built as
part of ctypes.

> $ ocamlfind query ctypes-foreign

The opam package is called 'ctypes-foreign' (with a hyphen), but the
ocamlfind package is called 'ctypes.foreign' (with a dot), so the
command you need is

   ocamlfind query ctypes.foreign

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