[ocaml-platform] [wg-windows] Identifying windows ports for build systems & cross compiling distinctions

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Fri Jul 17 11:26:02 BST 2015

Le mardi, 30 juin 2015 à 18:52, Daniel Bünzli a écrit :
> Le mardi, 30 juin 2015 à 18:13, David Allsopp a écrit :
> > $OCAMLLIB/Makefile.config defines TOOLCHAIN variable already which gives mingw or msvc.

It seems that `ocamlc -config` doesn't output this variable. Could anyone confirm me that `ocamlc -config | grep ccomp_type` gives the information (and how).  

Besides regarding the initial discussion I think the only reasonable option would be:  

b) Distinguish an OS for the mingw ports

However I would like to get feedback from windows users if it makes sense to do this, in the sense that a lot of things have to be done differently build-wise with mingw compared to a plain win32 and that it's useful in build systems to be able to get that information without having to grep `ocamlc -config`. Because if it's only for the file extension business maybe it's not such a good idea to define an os value for it.



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