[ocaml-platform] [wg-windows] Identifying windows ports for build systems & cross compiling distinctions

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Fri Jul 24 13:59:43 BST 2015

Le vendredi, 24 juillet 2015 à 11:58, David Allsopp a écrit :
> Sorry - poor context-switching on my part! However, my comment still stands - mingw and msvc are not operating (sub-)systems – even the sub-splitting in that function still gives you operating systems. Having something akin to the comp_type seems better to me than (ab)using the notion of os.

> This may play differently in an OPAM which fully supports cross-compilation, but would you expect that os variable to be the same across all switches?

Since that os variable should formally be taken for host-os no.
> One thing that is certainly interesting (and which I'm doing in my Windows port of OPAM[*]) is being able to use all four native Windows ports in the same OPAM installation.

Yes, there should be no problem with this I think.

> comparch = msvc -> immediately .obj, .lib, .dll, .exe (and Microsoft invocation rules)
> comparch = cc -> immediately gives you .o and .a and then os <> Win32 gives you .so or .dll+.exe (and CC/GCC invocation rules)

You meant comp_type I guess. Ok thanks, that's clear. It seems effectively less contrived than introducing an os for mingw.  

> [*] which is, of course, a) not finished and b) not necessarily going to be merged!  
You should try to sync and plot with Louis, I'm sure he's interested.  



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