[ocaml-platform] Dev Version as Package?

Trevor Smith trevorsummerssmith at gmail.com
Tue May 5 19:58:16 BST 2015

Hi all,

We're using opam internally at work. I have two use cases for our internal

1) "dev dependencies" -- I want what is in the repo.
2) "explicit dependency" -- I want a given version.

opam has #2 covered.

However it is not clear to me how to do #1 correctly. I can, on a given
machine (ie not on an opam repository), pin a given package to a git repo.
But locally pinning isn't what I want. I want a package in an opam
repository to say "I depend upon this other dev package" so that our build
boxes, and various developer machines will all do the same thing, and I
don't need to separately pin everything on each box.

Has anyone else encountered this situation before?

Thoughts? Thanks.

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