[ocaml-platform] Dev Version as Package?

Thomas Braibant thomas.braibant at gmail.com
Wed May 6 09:51:49 BST 2015


I'm going to try to have an internal opam repo with {package-name}.dev for
> all internal libraries. This dev version will reference a git repo in the
> url file. Dependent projects will reference dev as we are building. When we
> make a release we'll do the normal thing and create a version. This
> strategy should scale well -- if one has multiple concurrent long-lived
> versions one can use version "-dev" (again as in Maven SNAPSHOTS). If this
> ends up serving us well I'll shoot out a blog post about it as it seems
> there is a lot of interest and different solutions around this topic.
Well, we choose to host this internal opam repository in the source code of
our main project, which helps scaling down the issue of having multiple
concurrent long lived versions of dev packages. That way, we keep all the
data relevant to how we built the project in one single place (we do not
have to cross reference the contents of a shared opam-repository with the
state of the project we built when we try to investigate something).

That being said, having to depend on such a repository is a pain. What we
would really to do from a user perspective is to have something like that
in the project opam file

opam-version: "1.2"
depends: [
  "asn1-combinators" { = "0.1.1" }
  "foo" { git: "path-to-git/foo#bar"}

If the foo repository contains an opam file, this would work almost as well
as dev-repos, except that's something that can be configured by the user of
the package rather than by the developer of the package.

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