[ocaml-platform] opam drybuild?

Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Fri May 22 06:48:18 BST 2015

The easiest way to check is to try to install the package from a fresh switch, e.g.:

    opam switch test --alias-of system --no-switch
    opam install modelica --switch test
    opam switch remove test

oasis2opam may help you get the right dependencies, but I don't know of a tool to check them afterwards. OPAM itself has no knowledge of Oasis, or any other build system, for that matter.

> - Christoph Höger, 22/05/2015 07:41 -
> My latest update to Modelica.ml failed due to some unresolved
> dependencies, that I had already installed on my system.
> I am using oasis, so is there a way to check dependencies between
> oasis and opam? Maby I can also completely re-generate the opam files
> from oasis on every release.
> However, in case you do not use oasis, how do you test your build in a
> fresh environment locally? Is there some magic opam option ala
> BUILDROOT or something like that?
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