[ocaml-platform] Is it taking too long for OCaml software to become 4.03-compatible? Would release process changes help?

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Thu Jun 30 13:25:37 BST 2016

Le jeudi, 30 juin 2016 à 07:36, Sylvain Le Gall a écrit :
> This is only 3 days and this was mainly due to a transitive dependency on Batteries for the tests. Considering OSS standards, this is not a long time for a fix.

This is good, however this should have happened during the betas, not after the release. If key parts of the infrastructure are not installable during the beta, programmers (myself included) very quickly shy away from trying to test the new release or even live on it for a go.  



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