[ocaml-platform] How to inform OPAM's "system" switch about OCaml libraries installed by RPMs?

Evgeny Roubinchtein zhenya1007 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 23:16:48 BST 2018

Dear OCaml platform users and developers,

I am working in an environment where OCaml (but not OPAM) is installed
system-wide via RPMs, along with a few OCaml libraries.  All of the
libraries have corresponding OPAM packages.   I would like to create an
OPAM  switch that is an alias of the "system" switch, but to also inform
OPAM about the packages already installed system-wide.  Simply creating a
switch a as an alias of "system" seems to "not notice" any of the libraries
installed via RPMs.  Do you have any suggestions?

The set of RPMs installed on the system changes at glacial speeds, so
having a dumb script into which I hard-code some information about the
packages installed by system-wide RPMs is perfectly acceptable in my case,
if a more elegant solution does not exist (yet): I just would like to know
what information I would need to hard-code, and I am hoping that asking
here can save me a few hours of hunting through the OPAM source code.

In case it matters, this is OPAM 2.0 pre-release.

Thank you in advance!

Evgeny ("Zhenya")
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