[Teaching] Asking teachers: what support would you want to distribute OCaml to students ?

Maverick Woo maverick at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Nov 27 19:57:28 GMT 2014

On 11/27/14 04:11, Dagnat Fabien wrote:

> - perhaps some support to get access to the sources (perhaps it exists but I
> haven’t seen it), sometimes I push them into looking at the code of the
> libraries and they need to get it (or browse github). Why not also the doc?

I often observe that when someone is trying to dig up the source of a library,
chances are that that person will also benefit from having the cmt files and the
corresponding merlin support. So these days I just recommend everyone in our
research group to set OPAMKEEPBUILDDIR to "true" in order to retain the build
directory of every package installed by opam. I believe this would be highly
applicable in a classroom setting.


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