[Teaching] [ANN] Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml, a MOOC

Roberto Di Cosmo roberto at dicosmo.org
Thu Jul 23 19:37:38 BST 2015

[ Cross posting from the Caml-list, following several suggestions to do so :-) ]

We are very pleased to announce the massive, open, online course

  Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml

the first MOOC entirely devoted to our beloved OCaml programming language.

All the information on the course, including a teaser video, is available at 

The course is in english, starts from the basics, and goes on for seven weeks up
to the module system. 

An interactive exercise environment will allow to do the exercises in the
browser, with an online evaluation integrated in the learning system; as you
expect, this is based on tryocaml and js_of_ocaml, and is a unique
distinguishing feature of this MOOC.

The learning platform happens to be called FUN (yes, great to have fun with
functional programming :-)), that is a variant of Open EdX run by the french
ministry of education.

The registration is open, and the course will start on October 19th.

We finally have a MOOC on OCaml, a great tool to bring functional
programming and our preferred programming language to a wide audience:
now, let's tell the world! Use your social networks, mailing lists,
professional and non professional conferences to spread the word.

And see you soon for our first course :-)

Roberto Di Cosmo, Yann Regis-Gianas and Ralf Treinen

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