[wg-camlp4] A set of synthetic use cases to help discussions

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Wed Jan 30 20:17:34 GMT 2013

Incidentally, the raw logs are also in the repository at:

If anyone needs any more detail of the camlp4 invocations.


On 30 Jan 2013, at 20:16, Anil Madhavapeddy <anil at recoil.org> wrote:

> I've started approaching this from the other end by instrumenting OPAM
> to log all the camlp4 invocations during a bulk build.
> https://github.com/avsm/opam-camlp4-analysis/wiki
> has the raw data of all the *.{cma,cmo,cmx} files mentioned during a
> build, and the packages.
> This data still needs cleanup, but there are definitely some extensions in
> there I don't immediately recognise, so it would be useful to update your
> (far more structured) list from this.
> -anil
> On 30 Jan 2013, at 17:21, Gabriel Scherer <gabriel.scherer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> One problem with the current debate(s) is that people have fairly
>> different syntaxes and semantics in mind regarding "syntax
>> extensions".
>> I think we should gather somewhere small snippets of "representative"
>> syntax extensions (for example under their current form, which
>> includes the Camlp4 syntax extensions but also eg. Lexifi's custom
>> attributes syntax or the imaginary quotation system of your liking),
>> so that people could refer to those example and concretely demonstrate
>> which cases their proposed semantics would capture, and with which
>> syntax.
>> I have started to put up some examples on the following wiki page,
>> mostly by accumulating what has been mentioned during the discussions
>> so far:
>> https://github.com/gasche/ocaml-syntax-extension-discussion/wiki/Use-Cases
>> I have made up the categories as I collected the examples, so they're
>> certainly suboptimal.
>> The page should be open for editing (let me know if the right aren't
>> set correctly), so that you can update it with new examples if you
>> think they are representative of some need that wasn't exposed before.
>> Please remember that the page is there to collect use cases for the
>> discussion here, rather than contain argumentation/opinion/judgments
>> itself.
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