[wg-camlp4] Request for feedback

Leo White lpw25 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 21 10:15:03 GMT 2013

> I propose to choose between one of the following:
>  1. Continue with the current situation.
>  2. Completely get rid of this alternative "prefix" syntax for attributes and extension points.  This only affect
> parser.mly and can easily be discussed again and added later.  This would reduce the changes to the concrete grammar
> (and would thus simplify supporting attributes and extension points in Camlp4)
>  3. Keep the syntax, but only for real keywords, not opening delimiters ( [ [| { and {<.
>  4. Do something special for "let" (it has been argued that for other constructions, the normal syntax of extension
> point does not add too much overhead); to be detailed.

I'm basically fine with 2, 3 or 4. I would also be fine with:

  1.5. Completely get rid of the "prefix" syntax for extensions but
       keep it for attributes.

It might be best to go with 2 for now since, as you suggested, it will be
much easier to add syntactic sugar later than to remove it.

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