[wg-windows] Minimal virtual machine for OCaml

Thranur Andul thranur at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 12:20:49 BST 2015

While OPAM for Windows is not ready, I'm considering some teaching
experiments using Linux virtual machines running inside Windows.

I suppose it has already been tried by some people here, so maybe someone
could share their experiences with that approach.

In particular, one of my main issues is disk space: how much space would be
necessary for a minimal Linux install with a graphical interface (XFCE,
LXDE or even lighter) and the dependencies needed to install OCaml and the
most common OPAM packages (e.g. Core,
js_of_ocaml, Coq, etc.)? Is there already a Linux distribution made for

Also, related details about virtual machine experiences (issues,
limitations, recommendations, etc.) are welcome.
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