[wg-windows] mingw, ocamlopt and "input line is too long"

Andreas Hauptmann andreashauptmann at t-online.de
Wed Jul 6 21:00:48 BST 2016


On Wed, 6 Jul 2016 20:45:41 +0200
Andre Maroneze wrote:
> Has someone else also encountered this problem when compiling on
> Windows with a MinGW-based OCaml?

It's probably not your own command, that is too long, but a command
that is internally created by flexlink (or ocamlopt)
(See for example: https://github.com/alainfrisch/flexdll/issues/7 )

Compile it with:

export FLEXLINKFLAGS='-v -v -v'
export OCAMLPARAM='_,verbose=1'
ocamlfind ocamlopt ...

then ocamlopt/ocamlc should print, which external commands they call to
stderr. And flexlink will also print some debug output.
With this information we can hopefully locate the point at which the
wrong command is generated.

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