[ocaml-infra] [ocaml-platform] Wireframe demo of OCaml.og

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Fri Mar 15 05:54:52 GMT 2013


> On wider monitors, we'd likely add more whitespace either side so as to avoid stretching the content too far.

W.r.t. page layout stretchability but on the narrower side, a good test to have in mind is to check if on a laptop you can have an 80-columns text editor and the documentation side by side without needing horizontal scrolling.

Regarding the Modules tab I'm not sure I understood you well so it may already be the idea. But if the package has a single module it would be nice if it shows directly the documentation of that module to save one useless click. 

Also, it's more a comment for opam, but it would be nice if the documentation system could do the same locally with the same experience but showing you only the documentation of your installed packages (with a landing page that lists the packages and their respective modules for direct access).



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