[ocaml-infra] Tuareg → OCaml umbrella

Christophe Troestler Christophe.Troestler at umons.ac.be
Sun Jan 5 10:15:08 GMT 2014

Hi Gabriel,

On Sun, 5 Jan 2014 00:06:47 +0100, Gabriel Scherer wrote:
> I hope this does not sound too negative, but I'm not sure we would
> gain by "blessing" tuareg as "the" ocaml editor mode for Emacs. 

No offense taken.  My point in asking Tuareg to be under the OCaml
umbrella is that it is not really a project of mine so I felt a bit
strange to have it under my name (but it can stay that way, I do not
mind so much either).

> The parallel existence of caml-mode and tuareg-mode has been a
> long-time annoyance of mine, because I don't see a strong
> justification for using either instead of the other.

In principle I agree.  Tuareg is far from perfect but I have very
little time to devote to it and my knowledge of elisp could be
better...  However I prefer its syntax highlighting, the possibility
to use symbols (e.g. ∔ for +.),...  Maybe it is time to merge the
better of the two into an ocaml-mode?  Would you be willing to
contribute to such an endeavor?

> […] I for one would be very happy to throw away any kind of
> elisp-implemented approximation of the OCaml syntax, and use a more
> principled approach such as Merlin+ocp-index to handle them

I think elisp approximations serve their purpose and should be kept.
IMHO the possibility to use external engines such as ocp-index should
be offered within the ocaml-mode but stay opt-in.

> (none of which currently support syntax highlighting iirc., but that
> could be added to ocp-index capabilities).

If such a possibility comes into existence, ping me!

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