[ocaml-infra] Tuareg → OCaml umbrella

Philippe Wang philippe.wang at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 13:39:21 GMT 2014

On 05 Jan 2014, at 11:15, Christophe Troestler <Christophe.Troestler at umons.ac.be> wrote:

>> […] I for one would be very happy to throw away any kind of
>> elisp-implemented approximation of the OCaml syntax, and use a more
>> principled approach such as Merlin+ocp-index to handle them
> I think elisp approximations serve their purpose and should be kept.

Also, when some similar languages or some language extensions are used, it’s still better to have some approximate syntax highlighting than nothing or something that spends its time actively annoying you (I imagine something even worse than spell-checkers underlining the word OCaml in red).

E.g., occasional editing of some SML or Caml Light, OCaml + CPP, OCaml + MPP, OCaml + Bash, OCaml + Perl, …

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