[ocaml-infra] ocaml.org licensing

Christophe Troestler Christophe.Troestler at umons.ac.be
Sat Mar 1 21:00:39 GMT 2014

On Sat, 1 Mar 2014 21:29:03 +0100, Fabrice Le Fessant wrote:
> For Python, following your example, there is a http://www.afpy.org/
> for the french community, with its own forums and mailing-lists.
> [...] I think that saying "it's the only website for the community"
> is very dangerous. Other people might want to create websites with
> different goals, [...]

Agreed.  I did not say that there should not be any other website
about OCaml (there are other ones actually and we are not trying to
merge them), my point is that a language needs a central point of
visibility (and there is no argument that it is http://www.python.org/
for Python, http://www.haskell.org/ for Haskell,...).  In your
example, http://www.afpy.org/ is not trying to be a substitute to
python.org, or a French translation of it, it provides different
services tailored to the French community.

> Also, you cannot say: everybody who wants to build a website for OCaml
> should join this team. It is an utopia. Life is not like that. [...]

Sorry if I was unclear but I did not mean that "everybody who wants to
build a website for OCaml should join this team".  What I meant is
that if somebody wants to build a website that provides the same
services as ocaml.org (for example a translation of it), they would be
well advised to get in touch and see whether they can contribute to
ocaml.org directly.  Providing the same services on a different site
will result in a loss for both parties IMHO.  (Of course, everybody is
free to do what they want, we are lucky enough to live in free countries.)

Hope I was clearer.


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