[omake] omake-0.10.0-test3

Gerd Stolpmann info at gerd-stolpmann.de
Sun Oct 2 23:18:34 BST 2016


I'm happy to announce a new test release of omake. This is a candidate
for a regular release, and if no new serious bugs are found, the
regular release will likely happen in the course of October.

Since omake-0.10.0-test2, a couple of bugs were fixed:
 - private variables in foreach loops work now as expected
 - fixed "rm -rf" so that it never follows symlinks
   (2nd attempt of a fix)
 - The "equal" function works also for arrays. This fixes
   a couple of unit tests using this feature.

Of course, all the nice work of the previous test releases is also
available, in particular the speedup for large projects, and the new
bootstrap system.

The tarball can be downloaded at
http://projects.camlcity.org/projects/omake.html. The repository is now
at Github, https://github.com/gerdstolpmann/omake. There is also an
issue tracker.

omake requires now ocaml-4.02 as minimum.

Gerd Stolpmann, Darmstadt, Germany    gerd at gerd-stolpmann.de
My OCaml site:          http://www.camlcity.org
Contact details:        http://www.camlcity.org/contact.html
Company homepage:       http://www.gerd-stolpmann.de

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