[opam-devel] [ANN] imagemagick.0.34

Florent Monnier monnier.florent at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 12:48:08 GMT 2013


While browsing opam's available packages I've seen imagemagick.0.33.*
and I've seen that homepage is:

I am the original upstream for this one, I really don't mind there are
forks. I'm even happy with it because it means that some poeple seem
got interested by it, but I really don't know how to handle this kind
of situation.

I've introduced the 0.33.* fixes in my 0.34 version.
I've introduced them all almost verbatim, except the findlib install.
I've kept my manual install, and added the 0.33.2 install renamed as
(maybe I should do the opposite install for the find one, and the
other one install_manual?)

There is also a bug fix for the function: Magick.get_magick_version ()
this was a very beginner error, but this is because this was the first
thing I wrote in C in 2004. There are still probably other kind of
similar errors :)

I've also switched from GPL to MIT.
I also fixed the broken urls given in the README, and added the github
forker's name in the contributors.

Maybe I should do some fork and pull requests on github, but I've not
learned how to use git and github yet.
I've created an account (https://github.com/blue-prawn) but now I need
to read the man to learn how to use these.

Here are below *untested* opam files.
I've added an "author" field, so that you may use it later, in a
similar way than in the Pear community (the wishlist links):

$ cat descr
Bindings for ImageMagick

$ cat opam
opam-version: "1"
maintainer: "contact at ocamlpro.com"
authors: [
  ["blue_prawn" "Florent Monnier"]
contributors: [
  ["hhugo" "Hugo Heuzard"]
  ["?" "Fabrice Le Fessant"]
build: [
  [make "find_install"]
remove: [
  [make "find_uninstall"]
homepages: [

$ cat url
archive: "http://www.linux-nantes.org/%7Efmonnier/OCaml/ImageMagick/\
checksum: "d4e28dce94ccefba878ad31016f05fe4"


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