[opam-devel] [ANN] imagemagick.0.34

Thomas Gazagnaire thomas at ocamlpro.com
Sat Mar 30 13:00:35 GMT 2013

Hi Florent,

Apologies for the confusion, we've recently automatically generated the homepage from the archive url for all packages "maintained" by OCamlPro. In this case, it was clearly not the right thing to do, and I am very happy to give you back the ownership of the package: I'll change the homepage of imagemagick to point to your homepage and I'll add you new release. Also, if you are fine with this,  I can change the maintainer contact address to yours (we've initially imported the package, that's why we were the maintainer and we are happy to help if there are some problems with new releases, but we really want giving back the credits to the original authors / maintainers of packages we've imported).

Best and sorry again for the confusion,

On Mar 30, 2013, at 1:48 PM, Florent Monnier wrote:

> Hi,
> While browsing opam's available packages I've seen imagemagick.0.33.*
> and I've seen that homepage is:
> https://github.com/besport/ocaml-imagemagick/
> I am the original upstream for this one, I really don't mind there are
> forks. I'm even happy with it because it means that some poeple seem
> got interested by it, but I really don't know how to handle this kind
> of situation.
> I've introduced the 0.33.* fixes in my 0.34 version.
> I've introduced them all almost verbatim, except the findlib install.
> I've kept my manual install, and added the 0.33.2 install renamed as
> find_install.
> (maybe I should do the opposite install for the find one, and the
> other one install_manual?)
> There is also a bug fix for the function: Magick.get_magick_version ()
> this was a very beginner error, but this is because this was the first
> thing I wrote in C in 2004. There are still probably other kind of
> similar errors :)
> I've also switched from GPL to MIT.
> I also fixed the broken urls given in the README, and added the github
> forker's name in the contributors.
> Maybe I should do some fork and pull requests on github, but I've not
> learned how to use git and github yet.
> I've created an account (https://github.com/blue-prawn) but now I need
> to read the man to learn how to use these.
> Here are below *untested* opam files.
> I've added an "author" field, so that you may use it later, in a
> similar way than in the Pear community (the wishlist links):
> http://pear.php.net/package/Archive_Tar/
> $ cat descr
> Bindings for ImageMagick
> $ cat opam
> opam-version: "1"
> maintainer: "contact at ocamlpro.com"
> authors: [
>  ["blue_prawn" "Florent Monnier"]
> ]
> contributors: [
>  ["hhugo" "Hugo Heuzard"]
>  ["?" "Fabrice Le Fessant"]
> ]
> build: [
>  [make]
>  [make "find_install"]
> ]
> remove: [
>  [make "find_uninstall"]
> ]
> depends:["ocamlfind"]
> homepages: [
>  "https://github.com/besport/ocaml-imagemagick"
>  "http://www.linux-nantes.org/%7Efmonnier/OCaml/ImageMagick/"
> ]
> $ cat url
> archive: "http://www.linux-nantes.org/%7Efmonnier/OCaml/ImageMagick/\
> downloads/OCaml-ImageMagick-0.34.tgz"
> checksum: "d4e28dce94ccefba878ad31016f05fe4"
> -- 
> Cheers
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