[opam-devel] OPAM Roadmap -- what next ?

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Sun Dec 21 13:51:50 GMT 2014

Le dimanche, 21 décembre 2014 à 14:26, Peter Zotov a écrit :

> Through ocamlfind, of course, there's nothing else now.
> Sure. But note that ocamlfind explicitly refuses to deal with versioning
> constraints; it's even in the manual. So the dependencies of neither
> A.1 nor A.2 are not expressible in META.

That's the point, I'm not asking ocamlfind to resolve any versioning constraints. It's all based on the name of the package (if . is not allowed in the name then substitute by another character). With this packages are able to specify a dependency on a particular version.  

I don't see that as a long term solution; I hope we can eventually get rid of that hideous naming resolution hydra and menagerie of meta files we have now (which basically means ocamlfind should go). However I suspect that the underlying mecanism (install each package in PKG.VERSION directory) will be similar for whatever replaces the current mess, so there's no harm in having it now.  


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