[opam-devel] Becoming an opam-repository merger

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Mon Oct 20 10:28:25 BST 2014

Le lundi, 20 octobre 2014 à 02:58, Louis Gesbert a écrit :

> Normally the opam file from the repo is used for the release, and the one included in the source is used for when the package is pinned, so it's possible to specify the VCS dep only there. You'll need to remember to remove it when you release though.

That's one more error to make on a release.  
> When packages are specified with a VCS url in the repo, I guess the opam file in the repo should be consistent with it.

What I don't like with that is that there's no information in the repo about which are dev dependencies and which are not. Couldn't we rather add a `dev` dependency flag in addition to `build`, `test`, `doc` ?


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