[opam-devel] Travis CI failures

Thomas Gazagnaire thomas at gazagnaire.org
Sun Sep 28 16:38:53 BST 2014

Hi all,

Recently I saw Travis CI to be quite unreliable. It took sometimes hours to start and very often I need to manually re-lauch some tests because of connectivity errors. I don't complain too loudly because it's a free (and very useful) service, but I am wondering if we should not upgrade to something a bit more reliable.

Looking at https://travis-ci.com/plans they seem to have few paying offer which might be interesting, although I am not sure to understand if this will solve the current issues. And it looks a little bit expensive, but we rely on the free service a lot already. 

Also, ideally we should use Travis CI to only coordinate the build on the Rackspace VMs but we don't have that infrastructure in place yet, so  maybe we should switch to a paying service for few months.

What do people think?


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