[opam-devel] ANNOUNCE: OWS, the Opam Wheather Service

Pietro Abate Pietro.Abate at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Fri Jun 5 09:26:05 BST 2015

Hi all,

On 07/05/15 16:38, Roberto Di Cosmo wrote:
> Dear fellow Opam developers, 
>      We are proud to announce the first public release of a new and fully
> refactored version of OWS, the Opam Weather Service, and we are now reaching out
> to everybody on opam-devel for feedback and contribution to its evolution.

I've added a couple of new features following the feedback we received in the
last 10 days.

- JSON export: For each commit we also generate a json representation
  of the ows results. The format is self explanatory and contains, for
  each version of each package its status (ok, broken) and if it is
  broken, a flag that is true if the package is directly responsible for
  the dependency problem or not. 
  http://ows.irill.org/json/weather.json (last daily run for the
  moment, but this should updated for each new commit...)

- Compare api. For each two commits or one commit and a patch, ows
  compute the difference between these two states, providing the list
  of all new, removed, fixed and broken packages. The api can be
  easily queries using the simple script attached. This should allow
  easily integration with travis. The script takes two arguments, a
  git ref in the opam package repository and a patch relative to this
  reference and send back the differences between these two states in
  json format.

- RSS Feeds. For each maintainer (as declared in the maintainer
  field of the opam package), ows provides a RSS feed with the result
  of the OWS analysis.
  Shortly I'll also add a maintainer dashboard with the status of all
  his/her packages and a link to the rss feed

- docker image to run ows locally without thinking about dependencies at
- rss feeds displaying only when the status of a package changes.
- maintainer dashboard
- plain (no modal) pages for each package
- distcheck work to make explanations more readable and useful
  (basically backport the work done in opam down to dose3)

If you feel like helping, You know where to send your patches.

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#set -x 

patch64=$(base64 -w 0 ${patchfile})

cat<<EOF > ${tempfile}
{"commit1": "${commit}",
 "patch": "${patch64}"}

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data @${tempfile} http://ows.irill.org/compare/api

rm ${tempfile}

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