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Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Thu Jun 18 10:09:07 BST 2015

Not sure exactly if that's what you are after, but using `opam pin edit`, you can tweak either uucp's version, or uuseg's constraint. It will propose to save back to the source, but you don't have to; if there are further changes in the upstream opam file (from the git), it will ask you what you want to do on the next update.

Will that do ?

> - Daniel Bünzli, 18/06/2015 00:10 -
> Hello,  
> I thought that a pin would satisfy any constraint. This doesn't seem to be the case for example here I have: 
> > opam pin list | grep "uucp\|uuseg"
> uucp.0.9.1 git /Users/dbuenzli/sync/repos/uucp#HEAD 
> uuseg.0.8.0 git /Users/dbuenzli/sync/repos/uuseg
> Now in my uuseg pin's opam file I have the constraint "uucp" {>= "1.0.0"} if I do a `opam reinstall uuseg` I get: 
> The following dependencies couldn't be met:
> - uuseg -> uucp >= 1.0.0
> Your request can't be satisfied:
> - uucp>=1.0.0 is not available because the package is pinned to /Users/dbuenzli/sync/repos/uucp#HEAD, version 0.9.1.
> which is somehow annoying. Is there any way out from that situation ? 
> Best,
> Daniel 
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