[opam-devel] On the new mixed mode pins

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Sat May 16 15:40:24 BST 2015

Le samedi, 16 mai 2015 à 16:24, David Sheets a écrit :
> Ah, I had not understood that. To ensure clarity, here are the two options:
> 1. `opam pin -k git add $PKG $PATH` -> $PKG#$BRANCH
> 2. `opam pin -k git add $PKG $PATH` -> $PKG which tracks the currently
> checked out branch  

In git terms:

1. Tracks the result of `git symbolic-ref HEAD` at pin time.
2. Tracks HEAD.
> I believe you propose 1 which removes branch-less pins altogether and
> does not refer to local state. I like this design. Re-pinning can be
> used to switch branches.

Yes. That's exactly my impression.  



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