[opam-devel] docker hub update?

Gregoire Henry gregoire.henry at ocamlpro.com
Fri May 6 15:49:52 BST 2016

>> What about including in `ocaml/opam-base` a "partial" OPAM repository
>> with only the (some) compilers and initialize OPAM with it. Then
>> `ocaml/opam` (or CI tools based on `ocaml/opam-base`) will replace the
>> "partial" OPAM repository with the real one. If done correctly, they
>> shouldn't have to recompile OCaml.
> Yes I would really like this!  This could be easily done by running a
> git filter-subtree on the existing checkout to mirror something that
> containers only the compilers and a very small set of packages.

As a matter of experiment, I just set up:


I haven't setup any cron job to update it, but running manually the
script 'update.sh' from within the repo should be enough.


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