[ocaml-platform] Dev Version as Package?

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Fri May 8 19:24:13 BST 2015

Le vendredi, 8 mai 2015 à 20:09, Ashish Agarwal a écrit :
> Louis, thanks for your suggestions. I'm trying them out, but one quick question: how can you query with tags. I tried `opam list -e foobar`, and I seem to get the same output no matter what I write for foobar.

This is not opam tags this is depexts tags (that correspond to platform). You can do for example:

  opam search -s org:erratique

But it may not be entirely precise since opam-search matches not only in tags. I think opam-list should be able to filter by tags (I actually thought this was possible).  



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