[ocaml-platform] Bytes

François Bobot francois.bobot at cea.fr
Mon Jun 27 08:56:09 BST 2016

On 25/06/2016 22:01, Gabriel Scherer wrote:
>> That looks like overkill to me, why don't we simply have a package that is up-to-date with the
> latest version of the compiler ?
> Are you suggesting that released versions of base-bytes would be silently modified at each stdlib
> release to incoporate new functions? What is (in your idea) the process to follow when a new stdlib
> version is released with additional functions in Bytes? (As happened in 4.03)

Is it not overkill already to try to have up-to-date with the lastest OCaml version compatibility 
packages? If it is needed and possible why don't we do that for all the stdlib? Should we use the 
compatibility package for version of the compiler that are not the latest?

Currently, I think compatibility package up-to-date with the first compiler version that introduces 
it is enough.


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