[opam-devel] updating the ocaml ppa to 4.02.3

Thomas Gazagnaire thomas at gazagnaire.org
Mon Aug 10 14:01:51 BST 2015

> I've updated the Ubuntu OCaml PPA in the ppa-opam-experimental tree to OCaml 4.02.3, Camlp4 4.02+6 and OPAM 1.2.2 built against this.  I'll be rolling this out to the OCaml 4.02.x branches soon, so Travis will start picking it up by default once that rebuild happens.

I think you forgot to update camlp4 on the ppa, so the Travis CI scripts trying to compile 4.02 are broken:



> This means that we won't have any OCaml 4.02.2 tests, but I think the general plan is to deprecate its use as soon as possible.  Please shout if there are any objections to this.
> David, Leo: This build includes the cmt file installation for stdlib, so it should assist automatic building of Codoc.  I notice that the otherlibs/ cmt files aren't installed by default.  Is this intentional?
> Anil
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