[opam-devel] opam publish package name

Louis Gesbert louis.gesbert at ocamlpro.com
Wed Aug 19 10:56:03 BST 2015

Allowing plugins with packages named `opam-xxx` in opam 1.3 sure won't cost much. I don't see a good reason not to add it now even if it can't be used in a while.

> - Fabrice Le Fessant, 19/08/2015 11:49 -
> I think it's worth doing it, even if we also keep the old logic for
> compatilibility for a few years from now, until Ubuntu LTS is dead.
> Otherwise, we will either have to limit opam plugin names to avoid
> conflicts with existing packages (for example, "cache" is already a
> package, preventing "opam-cache", etc.), either to reserve names for
> possible plugins ("search", "file", "git", etc).

"search" is already an opam command :)

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